Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue is based in Nottingham, UK and has been running as a rescue centre since January 2006.

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Avalon Rescues, Rehabilitates and Re-homes Guinea Pigs (Cavies) in need across the East Midlands

We have over 30 years of experience working with guinea pigs.

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Mon: 10:30 - 1600

Wed: 10:00 - 1200

Thurs-Sun: 10:30 - 16:00

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Guinea pigs are SOCIAL animals and require interaction with their own kind to live long, happy lives. We do not actively encourage neutering (unless for health reasons) as it does NOT affect guinea pig behaviour. Boys can be bonded with other boys, just as girls can be bonded with girls.

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Holiday Boarding

We have had lots of guinea pigs come to stay with us and we have really enjoyed looking after them.  
We are always taking bookings, so if you would like your guinea pigs to come and stay for their holidays, then please do get in touch.

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Education & Events

We regularly attend schools and events aimed at educating children and families, as well as bringing more attention to Cavies. We use Facebook & Twitter to keep everyone up to date on our events

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Often, to be able to rescue some of the guinea pigs we hear about, we have to deal with some selfish/unsavoury/clueless people. Many just don't realise what they're doing wrong, unfortunately many know exactly what they're doing. We try to help them all.

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Sponsor A Piggy

Sponsoring a piggy or 2 can be greatly rewarding. This allows you to stay in touch with your chosen piggy, as well as get a certificate, an introduction letter, and a glossy photo of your pig(s).

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When any guinea pigs arrive, we give them a general health check. We decide who needs what treatments and where the priorities are.If there are mums and babies we try to establish which babies belong to whom, and make sure they're reunited as soon as possible, if that’s appropriate.

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Want to know more? | a little about us

We are a non-profit guinea pig rescue. Most of our guinea pigs come from atrocious and questionable backgrounds. We cannot guarantee that they are pure-bred. Unless they are born at the rescue we cannot guarantee their date-of-birth. With over 200 guinea pigs needing to be looked after at any one time, we do not have the time, staff or resources to be able to create paperwork (such as vet records, weekly weights, backgrounds) for each guinea pig. As our guinea pigs are NOT to be used for breeding and we cannot guarantee any of their backgrounds, this should not cause new guinea pig parents any problems. We know every guinea pig that stays with us and are able to let you know each guinea pigs basic history and background (as far as we know it.)

We offer FREE advice regarding your guinea pigs and encourage you to ask us questions.
Many of the guinea pigs that arrive at the rescue are pregnant or suffering from an ailment or disability and quite often malnutrition. Pregnant piggies are well cared for until, and during, their babies' arrival and the babies are looked after until they are found homes. All piggies have their ailments treated. This can be anything from a series of baths with treatment shampoos to cure skin ailments, to several visits to our vets for injections and/or a course of antibiotics. Long-haired piggies, which often arrive at the rescue with dirty, matted coats, have their coats trimmed and are bathed and groomed. All piggies have their nails trimmed.

Sadly, some piggies have not been handled by their previous owners and can be frightened of people. All piggies at the rescue are 'cuddled' frequently and soon enjoy human contact but also require time and effort and may take a few days to settle in.

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Woman's home overrun with Guinea Pigs

News article from NottsTV News featuring piggies from Avalon. Read the full story Here

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Close Up of the Piggies - Part 2

Taken inside the shed at the rescue. Giving you a close, up and personal look at the ladies (sows) that occupy the floor space. A few of them took quite an interest in the camera and went to investigate this strange being. …

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Close Up of the Piggies - Part 1

Taken inside the shed at the rescue. Giving you a close, up and personal look at the ladies (sows) that occupy the floor space. A few of them took quite an interest in the camera and went to investigate this strange being.

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